We need to verify your bank account! Online Banking Verification Software

a small and simple utility that will allow you to easily send a copy of your online bank statement to us so that we may quickly verify your employment and approve your loan.

Click here to download the utility.* Save it to your desktop or any other preferred location on your computer and double click it to open it.

Fill in the form with your Name and Email Address. Be sure you enter this information the same way you did when applied for your loan and then click the continue button.

*Please note that we will need to verify your bank account either by phone or through this utility however we recommend that you take advantage of the utility below as it is easier and will help speed up your approval!

Step 1 – Enter your banks website address into the box and press enter.

Step 2 – Your bank’s website will load in the bottom portion of the window. Sign in to your online banking exactly as you normally would.

Step 3 – Go into your account details and select at least 30 days of transaction history. Make sure that the account details are for the account that your payroll is deposited into.

Step 4 – Click the Submit to Approval Center button to send a copy of your online banking to our approval center. **

We will send you notification, once we reach to a decision.

* This program is compatible with Windows based computers.

** Only the screen shot is sent to us! There is no risk of any information from your computer be accessed.